I became a White Sox fan Did not purchase the Cubs ticket package, Instead, I purchased my first MLB Season Tickets with the White Sox We were there during the Season when the Cubs won the World Series When your team is winning, it is such a delight to be a fan Last year it […]

September Home White Sox Games (2018) Boston Red Sox (2nd Series) Saturday, September 1st Sunday, September 2nd Detroit Tigers (3rd Series) Monday, September 3rd Tuesday, September 4th Wednesday, September 5th Oakland Athletics Friday, September 7th Saturday, September 8th Sunday, September 9th Chicago Cubs (Cross Town Classic) Friday, September 21st Saturday, September 22nd Sunday, September 23rd […]

August Home White Sox Games (2018) Kansas City Royals (2nd Series) Wednesday, August 1st Thursday, August 2nd New York Yankees Monday, August 6th Tuesday, August 7th Wednesday, August 8th Cleveland Indians (2nd Series) Friday, August 10th Saturday, August 11th Sunday, August 12th Kansas City Royals (3rd Series) Friday, August 17th Saturday, August 18th Sunday, August […]

July Home White Sox Games (2018) St. Louis Cardinals Tuesday, July 10th Wednesday, July 11th Kansas City Royals Friday, July 13th Saturday, July 14th Sunday, July 15th Toronto Blue Jays Friday, July 27th Saturday, July 28th Sunday, July 29th Kansas City Royals (2nd Series) Tuesday, July 31st 9 Games

Kane County Cougars

June Home White Sox Games (2018) Millwaukee Brewers Friday, June 1st Saturday, June 2nd Sunday, June 3rd Cleveland Indians Monday, June 11th Tuesday, June 12th Wednesday, June 13th Thursday, June 14th Detroit Tigers (2nd Home Series) Friday, June 15th Saturday, June 16th Sunday, June 17th Oakland Athletics Thursday, June 21st Friday, June 22nd Saturday, June […]

May Home White Sox Games (2018) Minnesota Twins Thursday, May 3rd Saturday, May 4th Sunday, May 5th Pittsburgh Pirates Tuesday, May 8th Wednesday, May 9th Texas Rangers Thursday, May 17th Friday, May 18th Saturday, May 19th Sunday, May 20th Baltimore Orioles Monday, May 21st Tuesday, May 22nd Wednesday, May 23rd Thursday, May 24th 13 Games

April Home White Sox Games (2018) Detroit Tigers Thursday, April 5th (Home Opener) Saturday, April 7th Sunday, April 8th Tampa Bay Rays Monday, April 9th Tuesday, April 10th Wednesday, April 11th Houston Astros Friday, April 20th Saturday, April 21st Sunday, April 22nd Seattle Mariners Monday, April 23rd Tuesday, April 24th Wednesday, April 25th 12 Games

10 Sandwiches to smuggle into the ballpark: Bahn Mi Subwarine Sandwich Sausages Cubano Sandwich Burrito

It was a bone-chilling night April night at Wrigley. They provided knit Pepsi winter caps, which the fashionista wore inside-out to obscure the corporate logo Several rows behind us, this guy had the most wonderful tuna sub. He’s a white guy, but everything else about him cries Jamaica, with his attire and dreadlocks. You can’t […]